Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Lord knows what these people need...dated 11/11/13

Last week went by way fast but it was kind of hard because it felt like we didn't do any "real" missionary work... and this is why:
Tuesday was a Temple P-day. I love Temple days, I really do but sometimes we get up at 4:30 in the morning and by the time we get out of the temple we are all tired, hungry, ornery and we still had 13 more hours until we could sleep.... but even still, it was a good day! Every one should go to the temple. If you want to know for assuredly that your Heavenly Father loves you.... go to the temple, He is literally there. 
Wednesday was Mission Leadership Council (MLC) so we were in meetings from 11-4:30. MLC was supposed to end at 2:30 but we play hard ball in this mission and we couldn't leave until goals were set and everyone agreed. It was soooo much fun! We had to decide on what the baptismal goal would be from now until the end of the year. At first it was proposed 60 and then 80 was brought up and before anyone realized we were in a battle with each other and it was 80 against 60 and things were getting hostile... but we all knelt down and prayed about it and then president asked we all felt about 70. Oh, you mean there is another option that isn't 60 or 80? ha! We all agreed so we now have a goal for 70 baptisms which means we need to average 10 baptisms every week until then. It stretches us but it was possible and we are all pumped about it!!! 
Thursday was district meeting and that is always a good time. We learned how to have more effective companionship studies. And then we were stuck inside for the rest of the afternoon while we weekly planned... We had dinner with the Bishop that night and we asked him if he would be willing to come with us to teach Adrian on Friday and he agreed so we were happy.
Friday came and we had exchanges! I love exchanges especially when Sister Perry comes! We have a difficult area and it is really hard to tract. The only time we really have the opportunity to is on weekday mornings around Cerritos College and that is not as effective as being at the institutes so we hardly ever do it. BUT it was a Friday morning with no meetings and the institutes are closed so we had the chance to go contact and it was so fun! we got one new investigator named Edgar and we got a lot of potentials and it really felt good to be out walking talking to everyone instead of in the car all day... 
Later that day we taught Adrian with Bishop and it was so good! We were able to answer a lot of his questions and Bishop really did a great job with explaining the priesthood! He committed to come to church.... but then flaked. It's okay though... he just needs a little time. He loves his church and I think he is honestly scared that our church is true and that if he comes to know it's true... that he will have to act on that knowledge... I don't know though.. I could be way off. 
Saturday was Zone Conference the day I had been stressing about for weeks. I was able to teach the Schroeder family in front of two zones... it was really cool. The spirit was really strong. The Schroeder's are in the Atherton ward and have been investigator for a little over a year. They love the church but they just have never been able to feel ready for baptism. We were able to give a really power lesson about what baptisms means and how it brings us closer to Christ. I was going to record it and then totally forgot.... I am sorry. I wish I could explain to you and give you all the details because I didn't know them hardly at all but somehow Sister Wasden and I were able to address their concerns and teach to their needs. It really was a huge testimony strengthener on how the Lord knows what these people need.... 
I love the gospel. I feel the best when I am teaching people about the power of the atonement and how this Gospel changes lives. 
I invite you all to heed Elder Ballard's invitation and bring one soul unto Christ.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 
Until next time... Luke 12:32

It was the most bizarre thing...dated 11/5/13

So we had to give Gabby away to Elder Walker... That was depressing for two reasons. #1 I love her and we really connected and I really felt like I was her missionary and she helped me feel the spirit. #2 I had to give her to Elder Walker.
She really wants to go to the El Dorado ward so Austin and she are going to try and get permission for that to happen... I kind of hope it does but I don't know if it will.
We picked up a new investigator this week at the institute named Andrew. He takes a class so that he can park there for free and he is super awesome. A month ago he walked into the institute with a thing of chewing tobacco and a lack of respect. Brother Given had to pull him aside and tell him that his behavior wasn't acceptable and that if he wanted to park in the parking lot he would need to sign up for a class. He signed up for the Teachings of the Living Prophets class and when we were there on Wednesday we sat in and listened and he had some awesome comments about the talk that was given in general conference by Christofferson "The Moral Force of Women". It turned out he was the one that requested that talk. So after the class we called him over and I just said to him "Andrew, we want to teach you." and he paused and then said. "okay". We set up a time later that day to come back and we had a really good lesson with him. We have another appointment for this Wednesday again but we have to make sure he lives in our boundaries so we can know if we are able to teach him. Wouldn't want to end up with another Gabby situation.
Adrian is probably in Jacob by now in the Book of Mormon at the rate he is going. We still haven't gotten him to church but he is doing awesome with the lessons. He is really eager to learn and understand and he always has really good questions!
Christian is literally my favorite person but he is lacking the desire... and desire is what drives us to do something, so we asked him to read Alma 32 and the next time we meet with him we are going to talk to him about desire and then see where he is. If he doesn't start progressing we have to stop going by, and that would be really sad :( But we are positive thinkers over in these parts!! 
Funniest thing happened at church yesterday. We were sitting in the chapel and in walks the Elders with a non member. we start to kick ourselves because once again the Elders out-do the sisters and we were really just annoyed <---- we all had a bad attitude. obvi. Anyways, after church ended we were meeting in the gym for break the fast and their "investigator" was sitting all by herself so we decided to be the nice missionaries we are and go sit by her. We got talking and it came to be that she had looked up the Elders number on Google that morning and called them up because she was thinking about becoming Mormon. Sounds solid, right? yeah! until she starts asking really weird questions about polygamists and it turns out SHE WANTS TO BE ONE... she was soooo disappointed when she found out we don't do that anymore and then she started asking which states polygamy exists in and I become really awkward and Sister Mickelson said "I'm pretty sure it's illegal in every state..." hahaha
It was the most bizarre thing. She was so dead serious and she just said I know it sounds weird but I think it would be more fun. When the Elders found out Elder Dixon just awkwardly said "It's hard enough to handle one person of the opposite sex..." ha! I'm still laughing about the whole thing. Obvi.
Ups and downs this week. The downs were down but I made it through and now I am expecting a victory every day! :)
I am so thankful for the part the Lord plays in my life everyday. I love Him so much. 
I really want to do good on this mission. Through everything I really want to change my live as well as others. I am really trying. I know the Lord and I want others to know Him too. I want them to see a light at the end of their tunnels, and that light is Jesus Christ.
I love you all and I need you to know that! I am so thankful for all of you. You are in my prayers.