Monday, August 12, 2013

Signal Hill...I could see the ocean!

Sister Puttapong, Sister Brown, and Sister Bauer
on Signal Hill
Family <3,
I promise I will be better at writing. I just put the recorder and letter in the mail and now I am starting this one...see, we are already seeing improvements ;).
Today was a good day. Sister Puttapong's companions had a training meeting so she got to spend the day with us. She is the kindest, most Christ-like person. I haven't known her very long...probably about a week but even still... I'm sad to see her go. She is serving here temporarily as part of her assignment as a Salt Lake Temple Square Missionary.
View of mission area from Signal Hill
There is a place in Long Beach called Signal Hill. When you stand at the top you can see the entire mission. Sister Puttapong went there the first day with President Bubert, but she wasn't able to take pictures, so we went with her today. It was a lot of fun. It was the first time I have seen the ocean since we flew in, and I was so happy. Even though it was far away, it was fun to see.
We went to after we got done at Signal Hill and spent about a 1/2 hour there. We usually spend about an hour but we had a lunch appointment with Kaye and Jan at 1:00 pm so we had to cut it short.
Lunch was a lot of fun. I told you a little about Jan and Kaye on the recorder...they are such nice people and they love Heavenly Father and Jesus so much. I hope Jan decides to be baptized someday...
She is an amazing cook. She made us just a simple chicken salad --who knew a salad could be that good! (except Chuck-Your-Grandma, of course...hahahaha! :))
After we  left Kaye and Jan's, we came home to have Preach My Gospel study (language study for Sister Puttapong), I, however, was the only one that studied. Sisters Bauer and Puttapong chatted (okay, i'll admit...I chatted too) and said that technically chatting could be considered "language study" because anything involving English counts...I think that's a bit of a stretch...don't ya think? Oh well...talking is fun :)
The rest of the view of the mission area from
Signal Hill
Talking is fun, but I think everyone that knows me would be surprised to hear that besides Sister Bauer and maybe the Goodman' one would say I talk a lot. In fact, our investigator Sherry said that she likes it when I talk because I don't talk very often, but when I do...I talk with conviction. I don't know about the last part but it even surprises me when people put my name in the same sentence with "doesn't talk a lot", or "quiet" hahahaha!!!
We took Sister Puttapong to the Mission Office at 4:00 pm so she could have her departing interview with President Tew. We said goodbye and took pictures. I promised her that you guys would go see her at Temple Square...SO PLEASE GO! :)
In fact, tell everyone that reads the blog to go see her --she is awesome!
We met with Garden Lady today and we picked up a new investigator named Christopher. Christopher is 29 and we met him contacting last week. He is a super nice guy...I think I told you about him...he doubled majored in Bible studies and history. Ringing any bells? Well I was afraid it was going to turn into a Bible bash but it didn't. He honestly just wants to learn. He came with his Book of Mormon, a pad of paper, and a ton of questions. It was cool...we have another lesson with him on...well it was suppose to be on Wednesday but we have a Sister's Training Meeting on Wednesday so we'll have to reschedule, but we are optimistic.
Pat is great. She is Lauren Fagnant in 40 years --so tender hearted. She called us her "daughters". I love her. She loves her faith but she says she feels like there is a void in her life and she thinks maybe God put us in her path to help fill that void...I think she is right. We also have a meeting with her on Wednesday that we need to change but she is a rare person and at the very least, I'm thankful God allowed me to meet her...
7/25/13 - At District Meeting we learned about goals and how important they are, and how they help us reach our vision --Great stuff! I've never been good at the whole goal thing...
7/26/13 - Sister Bauer and I had interviews with President Tew. I had recently had an interview so mine was short. While we were at the office, the APs asked us to help them with the transfer board. We spent from 2:30 pm  to 5:00 pm helping them with that. They thanked us because they said it would have taken them hours to finish if we hadn't been seems to happen a lot that we are at the right place at the right time.I really enjoyed getting to know the APs. They are pretty cool. Elder Walker thinks I am funny, so mission accomplished there. Elder Dixon still thinks I'm trouble, which I don't understand because I don't think I've ever done anything that would have given him that impression...Ha!
We ate at the Goodman's. They always give us the emotional support that we need. Sister Goodman really is taking care of me, Mom. You owe her big ;) Brother Goodman is equally as great, obviously. He'd do anything for us...kind of already has.
We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Sherry earlier that day (7/26/13) with Sister Tew. It went pretty good except she said she doesn't feel comfortable setting a date to be baptized because she feels pressured...we need to find a way to help her see that she doesn't need to know everything before baptism...I was baptized at 8 for Heaven's sake. How much could I have possibly known?! I knew enough...How do we help her? We bought her a cake on Thursday (the day before our lesson) and brought it to her. The next day in our lesson, Sister Bauer asked her if she had to eat the whole cake before she knew it was good, or if she knew it was good after the first couple bites? She responded with, "Yeah...actually I had the first bite and I liked it but I didn't know what I liked about it until the last bite. I realized it was because there wasn't a lot of frosting." Well, that wasn't really the answer we were looking for but I guess that'll have to do. We realized as we were leaving that that is exactly what she is feeling about the Gospel. She knows it is good, but she doesn't know why.
Yesterday (7/27/13) was kind of hard.
Today (7/28/13) was much better. I kept looking at the time, thinking "they are getting ready for church, they are probably taking the Sacrament, Jansen is probably speaking right now". I can't wait to hear how it went.
Jansen, I know I have already told you but I am so proud of you and I bet you did amazing. I already miss you so much but I can't help feeling like I'm going to miss you lots more when Wednesday rolls around and you are gone. You are going to be an incredible missionary...
I realize that by the time this letter gets to you, he will most likely be gone already...but just in case...I just want him to know how much I love him. Will you relay this message?
Church was good. The talks in Sacrament Meeting and lesson in Relief Society were on being member missionaries. Gospel Principles was about our Heavenly Father. Church is a place of comfort for me. I always look forward to Sundays.
We did our week planning right after church. I am excited for this week.
Dinner with the Goodies again :) I always know I will leave their house feeling loved. It's nice knowing that someone is looking after and taking care of your little girl, I bet...;)
After dinner we went to Pearl's house. She's having a really hard time so we go over and lift her spirits. She couldn't come to church today because she was in so much pain. Sister Bauer was able to play some hymns on the piano which always makes everyone feel better. I really love Pearl.
Well family, I miss you dearly. I really love handwritten letters :) but anything is good! Thank you for making sure I get multiple somethings a week.
I love you all so much. Go around in a circle and give everyone hugs and kisses for me. Squeeze Wy's face for me when you see it.
I want to know everything that's happening in each of your lives...Jansen's farewell/MTC drop off.
I'm rambling because I don't want to say goodbye. I's time.
<3 Love, your missionary #1 XOXOXO

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