Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Delci, Sister Bauer, and a drunk guy at the laundromat...

Family <3
Long time - no write- I know, I am the worst!
Right now I am at a laundromat. I have four loads going and Sister Bauer only has two. It's funny how people do things different. I learned to separate everything out --she puts all her lights in with her whites and then does colors together with darks. It's less expensive her way but I have to stick with the way I learned or something bad might happen to my clothes. Ha! There is a man here sweating alcohol from his pores and I don't know exactly what is happening, but I think he is dancing...ope, I think he fell...maybe he stubbed his toe? I'm not sure. I heard a crash, things are getting weird!
Now he is drumming on the machines. He has no rhythm. No, this needs to stop!

Yesterday I spoke in church. I was only given 5 minutes so I didn't even write my talk until I was on the stand. I had an idea of what I wanted to say but it wasn't until I was sitting on the stand looking out at the congregation that I decided I should probably write something down as an outline. I figured it would be embarrassing if I stood up and forgot everything and had nothing to remind me...Pat didn't come and I was so sad. I watched the door the entire meeting. We tried to go by after church but I don't think she was home. I feel bad because Sister Bauer is going to get transferred and Sunday was Pat's last chance to come to a regular sacrament meeting while Sister Bauer is still here. Maybe we can convince her to come watch General Conference with us. I don't know...I guess we'll see.
So I went to the office on Friday to help Sister Tew prepare lunch for MLC, Mission Leadership Council. This is where all of the ZLs amd STLs come for training. Then I helped Sister Barlow. She and her husband are office missionaries. She is in charge of ordering supplies and distributing them out to all of the zones, as well as directing referrals, and a bunch of other stuff. She has a big job. Anyway, I was there and my ride back to my area was in a meeting, so I went and asked Sister Barlow if she needed help with her supply orders. Usually she does it the Friday before transfers because all of the zone leaders are at the office for meetings. While they are there they can grab the supplies and distribute them to the district leaders. It is a really big job for one person so she asked if I could help her get a head start on it. Well, I told her we would get it done that day. She was skeptical but optimistic. We got half of the boxes done and then Elder Jesperson came to help. The three of us were able to get it all done in 2 hours, which I hear is record time. Sister Barlow was super thankful and I was happy I could help. It was nice to work in the office and get my mind off stuff. Sister Bauer went with Sister Youngberg and Sister Okanoue but ended up doing nothing because Sister Youngberg didn't feel well.
While I was at the office President Tew called me into his office to help him with a project. When I walked in I accidentally looked at the transfer board. I think he knew I was peeking though because he said, "Sister Brown, why don't you come sit down?"...Ha, fine. Well, when I looked I didn't see anything except my picture was in the same place but I'm pretty sure Sister Bauer's picture was moved :( I know it was unrealistic to think we would spend our whole missions together, but I am sad. My companion is leaving and Sister Luft is leaving. I am trying to deal with it but this is really new to me, so I don't know how to deal with it...sorry, Negative Nelly for a minute...I'm over it now.
Sister Bauer and I are going to make this the best week ever! I love her a lot. We are always going to be friends.
We didn't play basketball at Zone Sports today because we met Sister Luft and Sister Andeline for lunch at a Lebanese restaurant. It was cool. We made it to sports in time to play but we didn't have clothes :( Oh well, there is always next week.
Well P-day is coming to a close.
I LOVE YOU!!! --Sister CA

P.S. Sister Bauer and I contacted into an African American community and they welcomed us into their fold. I loved it. I love them...I felt like I was home :)

Elder Frost...he was our district leader. He is an amazing missionary and he is going home this transfer.

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