Sunday, March 2, 2014

I had the best time...dated 12/2/13

Congratulations to me! Who honestly thought I would make it this far....? HA! 
This week was full of food and sickness! Two things that do not go well together! 
Thanksgiving was so fun! We had 3 dinners. We had a Thanksgiving lunch with a member from the Norwalk ward who happen to be Sister Carr's in-laws. We were supposed to go straight back to our apartment after district meeting to weekly plan but the Carr's invited us to eat with them and we couldn't say no so we went there and by the time we were done there we only had about an hour and a half until we needed to be at the Tew's for our second. Our dinner at the Tew's was good but it was a little awkward because their kid's were there and the Assistants. We played a seminary game that Sister Tew had made a few years back and I was trying to crack jokes and make it a little less awkward but it proved to make it even more awkward. Elder Dixon got mad at me because I got a little frustrated (which I apologized for. You know it is something I am working on) because they are crashing our baptism day.... (which I understand that I was overreacting. I am over it now, I promise!) Anyway, I apologized for it and then continued to crack jokes about it which he was having none of and it ended with him being not so happy with me... I saw him the next day though and he apologized for getting so mad and then we shook hands and we are back to being best friends again :)The third was with the Cambodians! That was by far the most fun experience I have had thus far. We went and ate at a Cambodian members home who speaks little to no English. All of the current Cambodian missionaries were there plus three RM's and us :) We sat around learning Ca-mi and laughing while we waited for the food. The thing with the Cambodian culture is when they tell you to eat, you eat. and when they tell you to go get more... you go get more. So by the end of it we were all stuffed and I'm not sure about the rest of them but i honestly thought my stomach was going to pop. It was so fun! The host, her name is Ming, was laughing so hard at us because the turkey was the last thing to get done and no body wanted to eat it but we had to. I asked Sister Mickleson if she would grab me some turkey... when I asked her this I had in mind a little sliver that would show I was eating some but I wouldn't have to eat too much, but no. She comes back with an entire turkey leg that I now have to finish and I look like a barbarian doing it. Ming was so happy. She was having so much fun telling us to eat more... it was cruel. I love her so much. She asked us to come back for Christmas! Yay!! 
We also got Cambodian names which the natives call us. Mine is Thida. pronounced Tina with a "D". (Tida) It means "Someone send from on high. Royalty." 
In the California Long Beach Mission we have the only Cambodian ward in the world. There are some missionaries here that are called to speak Ca-mi and they will spend almost their entire mission in this one ward. So you can imagine how close they all become.... Well it has always been just the Cambodian's in their own district but last transfer they put us in their district I think for the purposes of trying to help the Cambodians feel more apart of the district and I have never been happier! I love them so much!
I had the best time.
I have to go though! I'll write you a letter telling you more about Anthony! 

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