Friday, June 7, 2013

6/5/13 - A Call from Sister Bubert...

I was writing Delci a short email on Wednesday...OK I intended to write a short one to ask her favorite scripture for her mission plaque, but I ended up telling her all about what had happened since I wrote last. I figured there was no sense wasting all that cyberspace for just one question. Am I right? Anyway I was in the middle of writing her this email when my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number which is usually a clear sign the call should be ignored. I let it ring-twice-then the curiosity caused me to go against all that is good and natural and I answered the phone. 

It was Delci's mission Mom, Sister Bubert! She said she usually tried to call the parents of her new missionaries the day they arrive, but this was such a big group she couldn't get to all of them. So she apologized for being a day late. No apology necessary! She told me Delci had arrived safely and didn't stop smiling the whole day. Delci has been assigned to serve in the area where the mission office is. Delci's trainer has only been out for 6 weeks! Sister Bubert  has relatives in Grantsville and is friends with our next door neighbor Marty Anderson. He told her that Delci was coming when she got the call, and Marty told Delci how excited President and Sister Bubert were to have her coming. It was neat for Delci to have a Grantville connection and to hear they were excited for her to get there. The Buberts are finishing their mission in July but Sister Bubert told me she was excited to have Delci assigned close to the office because that may mean they would see her more often. 

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