Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MTC - The First Day

If you can believe this, we were still shopping for Delci on the way to the MTC (if you have ever been shopping with Delci, this will not surprise you). She had to find the perfect bag. Thankfully a coworker told me to look at Ross, and sure enough, the perfect bag was there. Thank Heavens!
We ate lunch at Delci favorite place...Chick-Fil-A (she loves the lemonade and Chick-Fil-A sauce), although she couldn't eat very much of her lunch because she was too nervous. 
We stopped at a grassy area to say goodbye to Delci and her cousin Brett Brown before dropping them off at the MTC. These pictures were taken there. 
Delci with her cousin Brett Brown

l to r: LaDell Brown (Grandpa), Brett Brown (cousin), Delci, Eleanor Brown (Grandma).

l to r: Jansen, Brett, Sam, Dev, Luke, Delci, Emma, Dixie, AJ, Donna 

Delci with the next missionary, her brother Jansen.

All that I have heard about the MTC drop-off was true. There was no time for goodbyes...thankfully we knew this and had time before.

We drove into the MTC and an elderly missionary put a blue piece of tape on our windshield and told us to follow the line at the curb. We pulled to the curb and got out. A young Elder came up to me, shook my hand, and said, "You must be mom." He was very friendly and  he told me his name and were he is from while he was walking with me around to the back of our suburban, to get Delci's suitcases. Delci had gotten out on the other side.  When this Elder saw Delci he stopped dead and got a look of panic on his face. He said, "It's a sister!" in an alarmed voice and then he turned to the line of sister missionaries waiting to help new arriving missionaries, and shouted, "I need a sister over here, hurry!" He was still talking in the voice of alarm. Apparently the blue tape on the windshield meant there was new arriving Elder inside the vehicle and another color meant a sister on board. The welcoming Elder had put the wrong color on our windshield which lead to this poor Elder's panicked state. I thought it was pretty funny!
Provo Mission Training Center

This is at the entrance to the MTC

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