Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter dated 5/25 - 5/29/13 - The first week...

Dear Family,
     Thank you for the letters. I've been the one everyone envy's when it comes to letters. I've gotten one every day (sorry not sorry). Please keep them coming. :)
     I'll tell you a little more about companion. She is awesome. We work really well together. We have started teaching "Barbette". She is an imaginary investigator based on someone our teacher (she is a gem) taught on her mission. It is really our teacher we are teaching and she is playing the part of Barbette, so we can practice. It is amazing how even though our teacher is the one sitting in front us, the spirit has made it possible for us to love Barbette and teach her things she needs to hear. Yesterday was our first discussion with her. We were given a bit of background on her and from that we were asked to plan and prepare a lesson we felt she needed to hear. We felt a prompting that we needed to teach her about the atonement and that she has a loving Heavenly Father. When we knocked on Barbette's door and began talking with her, we realized the lesson we had planned was exactly what she needed to hear. We invited her to be baptized. She didn't give us a clear yes or no, but she did agree to pray with us and it was AMAZING. I have never felt the spirit like that. Our teacher then talked to us about how we felt and gave us advice. She said she had never had a companionship bring the spirit so strongly. She has been using Barbette for over a year and we were the first  missionaries to get her to say the prayer. It was awesome, but we let us get to our heads and we weren't humble. We didn't give the spirit any credit, so the next time we taught her the spirit was there but definitely not as strong and I am not sure if she'll follow through with the invitations we extended to her. We'll see on Monday.
     I made it to Sunday...are you proud of me? My companion and I have to wake up at the same time so that means I am waking up at 5:45 every morning. It's rough!
     Gym time is also rough! My companion likes to run, I don't! Guess who wins?
     Sacrament meeting starts at 7:30 am (kill me!), breakfast @ 8:30, Music and the spoken word @ 9:30, Relief Society @ 10:00.
     For Sundays we are all asked  to write a talk on an assigned topic. This week was the Holy Ghost. Next week, even though it's Fast Sunday, we are asked to write on "enduring to the end". We didn't know who they would be asked to speak until we got to the meeting. Lucky it wasn't me!!
    The MTC Relief Society Presidency spoke to us about Joseph Smith. Their messages were so powerful!
     Yesterday, 5/27, was rough. It seemed like our whole district was lacking in the spirit department and at the end of our day we had an impromptu "come to Jesus".
Remember how I told you Barbette's second lesson was not awesome? Well, her third was worse. It was everywhere and I'm not sure why we have been struggling with the spirit when it was so strong to begin with...I've been praying for help. I hope it comes  soon.
     I became senior companion last night (it is Wednesday, 5/29). I feel confident that I can lead this companionship, but I am nervous because I don't know the scriptures as well as I could...
     It is Wednesday morning, guess what that means...NEW MISSIONARIES COME TODAY!!! That means Sister Jacobs will be here soon!!! Yippy Skippy! It also means we get BYU creamery at dinner (I don't eat it, no way. Aggie ice cream all the way!!!)
     Thank you again for the letters! Yesterday night I got four and after the long weekend of no mail it was nice to know I am not forgotten. I'm such a lucky girl.
     I love you so much! I hope this letter finds you all well. Love Delci

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