Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter dated 5/22/13 - The first day...

Dear family,
I made it through the first day. My companion is from Charlotte, North Carolina. I love her already. We laugh a lot.
This was my day:
I left you :(
I got my tag, card, room key, ya know...all that.
Went to the room...claimed the bottom bunk, went to the classroom, met my district.
Everyone in my district is going to Long Beach, so that is cool!
Had to learn about gym time...absolutely NO jogging dates!
We then went to a MTC Presidency welcome meeting...we sang like 7 opening songs. Then we went to dinner and I was able to eat, which was a nice surprise.
--Chicken fried steak, potatoes, veggies, salad.
--BYU ice cream if we wanted, but NO THANKS!
Then we got to go to our dorm, but my companion and I got lost, so when we finally found it we only had enough time to make our beds --we didn't get to relax at all.
After that we went to teaching experience. The teacher asked us to be missionaries and we were to teach a lady named Lahuana. I made my companion do all the talking :D
We met our Zone Leaders and learned more rules.
I keep having phantom phone's like I've lost a limb!
I saw Brett (her cousin who went in the MTC on the same day) today at dinner and I called him Brett...I forgot it's Elder Brown, whoops!
I have seen a lot missionaries in here from Grantsville, Tooele, and USU. 
Thank you for all you've taught me & raised me to be. I miss and love you!
--Sister Brown

P.S. We had an orange dot on our tags today, which meant that every where we went EVERYONE said something to us. It was too glad I get to take it off tomorrow.

I leave June 4th.  I love you!

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