Monday, June 10, 2013

Pictures from the MTC

This is two districts together. They were all  called to the California  Long Beach Mission and they all traveled to CA together last Tuesday. I bet that was a sight to behold. I would have felt really safe with 24 missionaries on a plane I was traveling on.  Delci said they really got to know each other well during their stay in the MTC. Her companion was the brunette in the blue shirt to her right. She says they both look tired because they were running in gym just before this picture was taken...this makes me laugh because I know how much Delci hates physical exertion. 

This is Delci with Tesha Olney from our ward. Tesha is now serving  in North Dakota. Delci said there were quite a few missionaries she knew in the MTC. She said it was great to see familiar faces.

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  1. What a beautiful sight! My sister decker is the second from left holding the cali banner.